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Greetings from The Booksellers!

The Booksellers at Laurelwood.   How appropriate.  There is much to be excited about and I want to personally thank you for your support, especially over the past 6 months.  As we move to the next chapter in bookselling and the challenges attendant to our industry, we are compelled to step back and take stock of what has truly made our store great.  And of course it starts with the people you have come to know so well over the last 31 years.  We count 6 booksellers who have been with your store for over 20 years, headed up by Eddie Burton our store manager.  Another 9 have been with us over 10 years.  Collectively we have over 300 years of bookselling experience- A count unparalleled in the bookselling world.  We all stand committed to continue providing you with an outstanding selection of books and gift items we know you will love.  Our eye will continue to be on supporting local authors and artists as we evolve our merchandise selection.  And all this will be supported by a stellar lineup of author appearances and events to make shopping at your store all the more entertaining.  The topping on our bookselling sundae- a complete remodeling of the store and Bistro later this summer. I promise the best is yet to come!
Neil Van Uum
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